4 Reasons You Need an Emergency Suit on Hand

March 03, 2017

4 Reasons You Need an Emergency Suit on Hand

4 Reasons You Need an Emergency Suit on Hand

As a businessman, you never know when you’ll find yourself unprepared or underdressed for an engagement — business meeting, luncheon, after-work drinks, et cetera — and when you may fall victim to a wardrobe malfunction. It’s vital to have a backup suit available when such a situation arises.

Four reasons my clients have found they needed an emergency suit (and why they now have one on hand in their offices) are:

  1. They ate something they shouldn’t. You enjoyed a delicious lunch of spaghetti and meatballs. As you prepare for your 2 p.m. meeting with the CEO, you glance down and realize the meat sauce splattered on your shirt. That’s no way to make a positive impression on your boss.
  2. It’s casual Friday. Many companies — especially in the summer — enjoy a more lax dress code on Fridays. However, there’s no rest for the hardworking professional, and important meetings can crop up with surprising frequency. Too often, men are “caught with their pants down” and without a suit on hand for such a need.
  3. They tore their pants. If the hem ripped out, this can be a quick and easy in-office fix; however, your tailor needs to address larger rips in the leg or seat of the pants. It’s not a good idea to continue to wear such damaged clothing for the remainder of the day because it’s liable to cause further damage to your suit.
  4. They got benched. This happened to Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton: He was actually benched for not wearing a tie on a team flight. While you may not be benched for a big game like Newton was, leadership may bar you from the next client meeting for not maintaining dress code standards.

It’s imperative to keep a backup suit in your office at all times, and if you use it because you need it, replace it with another emergency suit as soon as possible. Follow your company’s dress code standards and don’t embarrass your boss during the next business meeting. Like a good Boy Scout, you should always be prepared.

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