How to Fold a Pocket Square / The Scallop Fold

April 03, 2017

How to Fold a Pocket Square / The Scallop Fold

“Big things come in small packages.”

If there’s one aspect of life where those words speak the truth…

…it’s your clothing.

Small details can totally transform your fancy jacket, whether it’s a suit, blazer or sports jacket

Especially the pocket square.

That’s right – this accessory does wonders for your wardrobe.

It’s a small but powerful way of showing:

  • Your keen eye for details
  • Your classy, sophisticated side
  • A style that commands attention

That’s why it’s important to know different ways to fold a pocket square (aside from the common types)…

…like the Scallop fold.  This article will help you master this quick, easy, and stylish fold in no time.

With just a simple, proper fold – your outfit can be leveled up from good (as in blending with the rest of the crowd) to GREAT.

And since we’ve got a variety of classic and contemporary folds to choose from these days, there’s no reason to just stick to the conventional stuff. You can take chances by experimenting with this piece of fabric – to get a unique look that highlights your personality.

So let’s talk about one kind of fold which gives you the right degree of “new” without appearing too flashy: the Scallop fold.

The Scallop is a stylish fold that works amazingly well for both solid-colored and patterned pocket squares. It has a soft, organic shape – which makes it fit perfectly with the jolly, not-so-serious vibe at weddings and anniversary parties (unless there’s a strict dress code).

A couple of things to remember:

  • For light-hearted events where you can dress with a little freedom – try pairing a bright-colored pocket square with either a classic blazer or a casual sports coat.
  • If it’s a formal occasion (such as a corporate dinner) – you can still apply this fold on a pure white linen so as to incorporate a more serious, business-environment look.

 Continue reading below for step-by-step instructions on how to do the Scallop fold…

Step #1 - Begin with the square fully unfolded and flat.

Note: For best results, make sure you’re using a pocket square that’s made from silk

Step #2 - Fold the square diagonally down the middle, bringing one corner up to meet the opposite corner. This should leave you with a wide triangle that’s made of doubled-over fabric.

Step #3 - Fold the triangle in half again, bringing together the two corners at either end of the first fold. This will form a smaller version of the same triangle shape.

Step #4 - Reposition the pocket square so that its longest side is lying vertically – think of the image of an inverted pyramid for reference.

Once you’ve done that, lift the square and gently curl one of the doubled-over corners at the top – bringing it towards the middle. Do NOT fold or press hard on it.

The goal is to simply bend it inward at a slight angle. The curve you end up creating is meant to be a key detail later on – when you finally tuck the square into your pocket.

Step #5 - Repeat the process for the other corner. Curl it towards the middle once again, laying it over the first corner you have bent inward.

The point at the bottom (a.k.a. the actual peak of the triangle) should remain untouched, but the top side should be now curved into a partial funnel shape.

Final Step - The fold of your pocket square is now essentially complete. Tuck the untouched bottom part of the triangle down into your pocket.

Keep tucking it until only the tops of the curves that you formed are visible. They should lay neatly with one on top of the other – forming a rounded, scalloped shape. All points and straight edges shouldn’t be visible.

Note: This is an organic shape, so don’t worry if there is some unevenness. A bit of separation between the edges of the scalloped arms is fine as well. As long as everything is proportional and you don’t have one of the corners popping out of the pocket – the whole thing is going to look awesome.

Congratulations! You’ve got a Scallop folded pocket square to impress everyone during your next special occasion. Don’t be surprised or intimidated by the extra attention that comes along with it. Make it part of your overall image and charm.


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