About The Tailor Les Paul Cline

  • Les Paul Cline spent 6 years working for a large national custom tailor, where he was consistently a top performer in sales and customer retention. 
  • Les Cline Clothiers was launched in 2003. Transitioning from a national company to his private brand afforded him the ability to create custom patterns, which set the tone for a custom fit.  His loyal customers followed him, and now enjoy this custom fit.
  • His distinguished clientele include business executives, professional athletes, politicians, attorneys, and even cowboys.  Great effort and thought goes into putting together a person’s wardrobe.  Many of Les Paul’s clients will not even think of buying their clothing elsewhere. Great attention is paid to the customer’s physique, making sure his measurements are precise, and the fit is perfect.
  • While Les Paul excels at one-on-one image makeovers, he believes his greatest asset is in listening to his clients, understanding and learning their lifestyle, their profession, and their fashion goals. That knowledge, along with what their current clothing style choices, he can help make decisions on what needs to be updated, what needs to be altered, and what needs to be replaced.