Steps to Make you The Best Dressed



    1- Measurements

    I will take 38 measurements, including posture reads and shoulder slopes.  Then I will design your pattern to ensure an exceptional fit for every piece of clothing we create for you.

    2- Fabric Selection

    Based on your lifestyle and comfort level I will guide you through our extensive fabric selection to find those that will help you be the best dressed. We will consider pattern, weight, and wear in the final selection.

    3- Style & Design

    After the fabrics are chosen, we will discuss style and design. Together, we will choose how each garment will be styled, including vents, pockets, buttons, linings, etc.

    4- Fabrication

    Once design options and fabrics are selected, our tailors sew your garment to your specifications with individual finishing touches that make it uniquely yours. Depending on the fabric and “make” chosen, lead time can take 4-8 weeks for custom clothing.

    What to expect next

    Once the clothing arrives, an appointment will be set for a fitting to ensure the correct fit.

    1 - Fitting

    I will bring your garments to you and we will try them on to make sure we have the fit we want.

    2 - Changes

    Any changes that we make will be done in our shop locally and your pattern will reflect the changes.  These changes generally take about a week.


    I will NEVER take your money without your clothing fitting well and you looking you're very best.